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Many States are or will be trying to assess taxes on your gross receipts in direct violation of FEDERAL LAW and a SUPREME COURT Ruling. Most State employees simply do not know of the Federal Law preempting such a tax.

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Look out New Mexico!

Non Compliant States

These states are currently assessing certain pilots a head tax (Sales or Admission and Amusement tax) on gross receipts and are in violation of Federal Law.

  • Alabama

  • California -- December 2012 --Our local airport, The Sonoma County Airport, asked for a 10% fee on gross receipts. Mike Kijak email
    UPDATE April 12, 2013
    "I fought and won." The airport wanted to add 10% to gross receipts, as you know. Lady there said, "The county will look at it next year and reword it". I said "wording can change, law still stands."
    Mike Kijak
    Up & Away Ballooning
  • Congratulations Mike. We will keep California in the non compliant category because of their arrogrance.

  • Colorado -- Local jurisdiction attempting to assess a 4% admissions tax on hot air balloon flights. Contact Colin Graham 970-901-6687 to learn of his challenge to this unlawful tax.

  • Idaho
    • Recent SUCCESS Story:
    • Jim Knight email recently ran into the sales tax issue with Idaho. "My solution was to present the Maryland court decision and letter from the DOT to my accountant who is buddy-buddy with all the local tax commission officials. She made one phone call, faxed the document, schmoozed the guy and all my problems went away. Lot cheaper than a court battle."

  • Kentucky

  • New Mexico
    • Look out pilots-- New Mexico tax agents are confusing the Gross Receipts Tax Ruling- 1998
      June 2015 - "NM is trying to say that we owe gross receipts tax since we are not the company who books the flights. My husband is a pilot who flies for other companies, flying either their balloon or his own balloon". Kris and Jen Braden, Taos,NM email

  • South Dakota -- plus city of Brandon - assessing sales tax on gross receipts
    • Jeanne Anson & Tom Sharpee email -will begin paying shortly- unless they take action.
    • tax quirks

  • Texas -- assessing sales tax on gross receipts
    • Sam Edwards email -has been paying for past six years. In Nov 2010- Sam sent letter to State Comptroller initiating an appeal. Pending

  • Vermont -- attempting to assess sales tax(3%) on gross receipts when flying out of airport

  • Wyoming -- attempting to collect sales tax on gross receipts of hot air balloon flights.

More information will be provided soon state by state. We will be listing pilots who are partner members and will be sharing their experiences with us for your benefit. Email us if your state is going after you.

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