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Promotions for Corporate Sponsors

Advertising Opportunities can "pop-up" anywhere. A hot air balloon, flying with a 24' X 16' banner displaying your ad, carries unique marketing opportunities for your business.
How many people take pictures of billboards? --NO ONE!
How many people look in amazement on this peaceful giant gracefully floating overhead, capturing the wonder of everyone who sees it?--EVERYONE!

Do you think these people will remember your logo and message on a balloon banner? They certainly will!! It doesn't matter if your balloon is flying with a pack of balloons at festivals or if it is the only balloon in the sky. In this photo by Jerry Quillaro, the Hot Talk Rush WCBM balloon prepares for launch in Carroll County MD in July 2008.

Let your mind run wild with marketing possibilities. Here are just a few ideas:

  • FLY BANNER- Display a 24' wide X 16' high banner during a regular passenger carrying sightseeing flight of about one hour duration. Our home base is Howard County area; however, we do fly throughout Maryland and other states. Cost to fly your banner is $165.00 per flight with a one time cost of between $800-$900.00 to make the banner.

  • BALLOON STANDUP/STATIC DISPLAY- Stand the balloon (optional with banner) at your desired location for up to three hours. Cost is $600.00 show-up fee plus $300.00 per hour of display. Time starts when the balloon stands and ends when balloon is deflated. The balloon will not lift off the ground; people are welcome to stand in the basket with the pilot and learn about balloon flight.

  • TETHERED BALLOON OPERATION- Balloon has a 3 point tie-off and will be secured to ground by tie down ropes. Passengers can rise up to 70 feet in the basket and descend back down again. Rides can be given to 2-4 persons at a time for 3-5 minutes each. Cost is $2400.00 for about 90 minutes. We will continue operation longer and until propane fuel is consumed- possible up to two hours maximum time. A show up fee of $500.00 is included in this cost and would apply if we do show up and the weather does not allow safe operation. If we determine ahead of time that weather will not allow safe operation, then you owe nothing. Travel expense would apply for tether operation to take place outside our normal flying area. Mileage rate to be determined and quote to be given at time of inquiry.

  • Give balloon flight to outstanding employee/salesperson of the month.

  • Have a drawing of names from customers for free balloon ride: e.g., your promotion could be: anyone coming in for service during the next month will go into a drawing for a FREE balloon ride. My offer to you is: one free flight for one passenger will be given to you for every 8 passengers you book and pay discount $230.00 each.
  • Your ideas on possibilities come next!!!

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