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Friendship Hot Air Balloon Company
Pictures of Dreamstar

Hot Air Balloon Flying in Maryland

Landing at Cheryl's Nov 4 2005- Univ of MD (Aerospace Div) flight project
Photo courtesy of Crew Chief-Dick Ruehl

Ready for Launch -August 2005 flight
Photo courtesy of Yvonne Poon

June 2005 Flying over Pheasant Ridge Moble Home Community
Photo courtesy of Heidi Brogdon

You see what??

from Democrat & Chronicle Paper Dansville NY 2004

Staff photo

Photo courtesy of Gary Crowl

Flying in Dansville NY
Pilot dreaming while flying over Dansville NY Balloon Festival- Labor day weekend 2004.

Photo by Joe Nagel

Flying in Dansville NY
Smiley eating Fire at the New York Festival of Balloons- Labor day weekend 2004.

Photo by Joe Nagel

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