Preakness Celebration Balloon Festival
at the Howard County Fairgrounds
May 18-20, 2017

Volunteer Crew Member,

Greetings from Preakness Celebration Balloon Crew Headquarters! Please mark your calendars for our Hot Air Balloon Festival scheduled for May 18-20, 2017. This year, all activities will be at The Howard County Fairgrounds in West Friendship.

We welcome all new first time volunteers to join. And we look forward to past crew members returning again.

Knowing it is difficult for many of you to be available for each event, we will ask you to apply for those events where your schedule will allow.

The Kelbaugh family has participated for many years in our sport...

Twenty five hot air balloons will participate and volunteer crew members are needed. See the festival home page for schedule of all events.

We are thankful for those of you who have volunteered over the past 30+ years to be chase crew members for the pilots coming in from out of town. We hope your interest in ballooning brings you out again this year. We need to know the dates and times you and/or your family members can participate. See crew photos from past years.

Crew time schedule commitment:
>> Mass ascension balloon setup for each of our four planned flights begins at 5:30AM and 6:00PM starting on Thursday PM and ending on Saturday AM. You will be required to register at crew check-in on the parking lot next to the launch field at least 45 minutes before each planned flight/glow so we may assign you to and introduce you to the pilot.

>> Balloon Glows take place on Thursday and Friday evening beginning at 8:30PM. You will be required to sign up at crew registration on parking lot next to the launch field by 7:30PM.

>> Generally for each evening we will have about 10 balloons flying away and 10 balloons staying to stang up/glow. For each morning ascension we plan on most balloons flying away. And just a few will standup and pilots will answer questions from the spectators.

To be a volunteer crew member, please do the following:
2.-Print, sign, bring with you the CREW WAIVER and give to me on the launch field.

Keep current on plans and updates by watching this website. We will also keep you informed by our crew emailing list.

Please contact me, if you have any questions. Thanks again and we look forward to working with you!

Bonnie Ball-Doerfler
Volunteer Crew Coordinator


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